Artisan's Kitchen Catering 

Boil-bag ready in 45+mins
(GF-Gluten FreeLF-Lactose FreeVT-Vegetarian)
Artisan's Kitchen Boil-in Bag Menu
(GF LF) Beef Tri-Tip 
(GF LF) Pulled Pork or Chicken
(LF VT) Veggie-Q-Non Meat
(GF LF) St. Louise Styled Ribs
(GF LF VT) Stuffed Porkloin
(GF LF) Beef or Veggie Chili
(GF LF VT)Artichoke Pesto Lasagna
(GF LF VT) Italian Sausage Lasagna
(GF LF) Meatballs w/Red Sauce
(GF LF)-Italian Stuffed Chicken
(GF LF) Eggplant Parmesan
(GF VT LF) Sweet Sour Pork
(GF VT LF) Beef & Broccoli
(GF VT LF) Chicken Curry
(GF VT LF) Tofu Stir
(GF VT LF) Veggie Posole
(GF LF) Pork Posole
(GF LF) Stuffed Mexican Chicken
(GF VT LF) Bean & Cheese Relleno
(GF VT LF) Tamales Calabacita
(GF LF) Chicken Enchiladas
(GF VT LF) Spinach Enchiladas
Dinner Sides
(GF LF VT) Smashed Yams
(GF LF VT) Roasted Garlic Red Potato
(GF VT) Potatoes Au Gratin
(VT) Mac N Cheese
(GF LF VT) Black Bean Medley
(GF LF VT) Rice & Beans 
(GF LF VT) Honey Glazed Carrots
(GF LF VT) Mediterranean Quinoa
(LF) Boneless Buffalo Chicken 
(GF LF ) Asian Chicken Wrap
(GF VT) Artichoke Spin Dip
(GF LF) Shrimp Cocktail
(GF VT) Caprese Salad
(GF LF VT) Smashed Chickpea 
(GF LF) Tuna 
(GF LF) Chicken 
(GF LF) Salmon 
(GF LF) Shrimp 
  • Ham & American Cheese
  • Sausage & Cheddar
  • Green Chilis & Jack
  • Tomato, Basil & Mozz
Salad,Wraps or Sandwiches
​Egg Scrambles, Burritos or Tacos
  • ​Mixed Veggie 
  • Sausage 
  • Chipped Beef
  • Chicken Pot Pie 
Potato Hash
  • Jack Fruit & Sweet Potato
  • Chicken & Apples
  • Pastrami
  • Bacon & Cheddar
Sweet B-Fast
  • French Toast Mix
  • Cinnamon Apple Topping
  • Cherry Berry Topping
  • Peaches & Cream
​(GF) Cured Meat & Cheese
(GF VT) Anti Pasta Caprese
(GF VT) Smoked Salmon & Cheese
​Put it on a Cracker
Mixed w/Carrots & Celery. You add the dressing flavor you wish. Serve Cold
Pour over Toast, English Muffins, Biscuits or Potatoes 
​Raw Eggs, Boil, Open and serve 
Add a side like Pasta, Rice, Quinia, Potatoes or Corn Chips.
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  • Sous Vide bagged food is a great way to save time and pack food.   
  • Food is made in a certified kitchen and vacuum sealed under pressure.   
  • This process helps keep food fresh for up to 30 days when kept in a cooler or refrigerator and good for 3+ years in a freezer.   
  • Most food is boil ready in 45 minutes, 
  • microwaved in 10 minutes, heated out of the bag or eaten fresh with out cooking.  
  • Sous Vide food is frozen, gives you more room, less trash and is food safe from unwanted contamination.
  • Great for camping, boating, hunting, large events or a quick solution for a home dinner.  
  • Food is packed in 2,4,6,8 person per bag.
​Great with a egg and better when cooked in a pan crispy
$12 a # 
$9 12oz Meal
$10 a # 
$3.75 a 6oz Meal
$12 a # 
$4.5 a 6oz Meal
$12 # 
$6 a 8oz Meal
$12 # 
$4.5 a 6oz Meal
$16 #  6oz $3 a Meal
$16 # $1 a Shrimp